Prison Ministry - ECI



new river city Church Prison Ministry

Our ministry at Everglades Correctional Institution (ECI) is in its' eigth year of service, and we are very proud of our little flock there. We provide a full “Sunday” service in the Prison Chapel on the second Saturday of every month featuring worship with ECI's worship band, “The Sword of the Spirit,” and weekly Friday evening teaching and prayer in the Faith-Based dormitory.

We serve in the belief that our Heavenly Father wants no one to be lost, and that everyone deserves a second chance...and a third...and... ..indeed, Jesus told Peter to forgive “seventy times seven” -- in other words—unlimited. We trust the old adage that “no matter how deep the sin, God's Love is deeper!” And our experience gives us direct evidence that there is a huge difference between a “bad man” and a man who did something bad.

This is truly a calling and, while it's not a ministry for everyone, our team has found it to be a growing and continuing source of blessing. If you feel called to serve in this ministry, you would be most welcome. You must be at least 18, both men and women are eligible, and there is a background check required before the Department of Corrections issues a pin number. (Among other things, that's the number that says we can come back out!)

If you have an interest or a question, please contact the Church Office or speak with Pastor Barron or any of the team.

Our current team, in addition to Pastor Robert Barron:

Robert Francisco

Manny Perez

Carlos Ramirez

Dave Schmirler

Jorge Vazquez